Thursday, March 24, 2011


When a person is on the quest for wisdom, after all of the findings there comes a time when one is so full that they have to get a place to empty some on the widsom that they have acquired. Therefore this is going to be the spot. In Febuary of 2009, I embarked on a journey that I will never forget. Unbeknowst to me, the experience that I had would ignite a fire in my soul for wanting to know about the supernatural power of Jesus Christ. The experience may be described at a later date, but for now just know that this was the beginning of the first day of my new spiritual life. This blog is for me to express my feelings as a result of my experiences since I began walking side by side with Jesus Christ and also serve as a place where people can share their experience. I will be posting scriptures, giving my thoughts on current events from a biblical perspective as well as discussing some on the wackest that us "people of god" can find ourselves in. I hope that this blog will inspire and give hope to everyone that comes upon it. This place in cyberspace is holy space and I hope that ever entry that I make is annointed and touches someone. ENJOY!!!!

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